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Looking for short or long term storage?

3 Lions Removals & Storage offers a complete moving and storage solution. We can transport your items to storage, store them for as long as you like and then return the items to you when you are ready. Whether that would be for just a few days or several years.

Our storage containers are clean, dry and secure and can be hired on a weekly basis providing great value. We have sites in Droitwich, Redditch, Bromsgrove and Leamington.

Our customers store with us for a variety of reasons such as:

– Ran of space at home
– Waiting for a new build to be finished
– Having renovations to existing property
– Moving abroad temporarily
– Waiting to find the ideal new home after selling the old one

Your questions answered

How long can I store for?

From a few days to a few years. Our longest current rental is over 6 years. But more often it’s just a month or two while customers are waiting for a house purchase to complete, finished being built or being renovated. Although customers store with us for all types of reasons.

How do I pay for storage?

You pay weekly, usually 4 weekly in advance. We can invoice you every 4 weeks by post or email. Storage requiring more than 2 or 3 months we recommend setting up a standing order.

What type of storage is it and where?

Our storage is secure, dry and containerised. We have different sites across Worcestershire and Warwickshire all in locked, fenced off private grounds with security cameras. We have never had a single complaint or issue with any goods that have been stored. Our storage is not a self access facility therefore we transport to and from storage for you. If you require self access storage to come and take or add items at will, then we work alongside a local warehouse storage facility where we may be able to secure you reduced rates.

How does it work?

During a home visit survey we assess the volume so that we know what size container you will require and what size vehicle we need for the removal. After sending you a formal quotation and receiving a booking we transport your belongings into storage. Store for as long as you require, billing you 4 weekly, and then we return all of your belongings when you are ready.

Do I need to pack and prepare differently for storage?

Yes, a few things would need to be different. The obvious ones are that a better box quality should be used if storing for anything more than a few weeks as weaker boxes may weaken in a stack over time. Also all appliances must be completely drained of all water and damp. Our survey can talk you through the finer points during the quotation.

Are there any goods you can't remove or store?

Generally any flammable liquids or gases however they are contained cannot be submitted for removal or storage. Bricks, slabs or building materials cannot be transported due to weight unless previously agreed. Paint and oil cannot be transported or stored either due to the high risk of damage to your goods and our vehicles should they leak. We cannot remove or store fresh food stuffs. There are other items that cannot be stored or moved, like firearms, ammunition and drugs. For a full and detailed list of exclusions, request and read the full terms and conditions.

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